All you need to know about cataract surgeons

Cataract surgeons ( are special breed of medical professionals who are deft at a certain level of medical treatment for the eyes. They belong to the clan of professionals who are thorough with the surgical operations with crystalline lens. Here is a little description of the functions of the professionals.

They are professionals with pristine level of knowledge on the various aspects as well as issues related to cataracts. If you look deep into their skin then you will figure it out that they are capable of dealing masterfully with both natural as well as intraocular lenses. In this aspect their capacity calls for deep seated respect.

If you come to think of their capacities then you would find that cataract surgeons in Texas are actually capable of working on an assortment of cataract variations. They are known to deliver great results with ECCE operations. The full form of ECCE is extra capsular cataract extraction.

It is a high precision practice and the professionals are quite thorough with it. They are also through with intracapsular cataract extractions. This particular discipline is one of their specialties.

That was all that you needed to know about the cataract surgeons. They mean a lot in the modern day medical practices. You should take note of the professionals. If you go for these professionals then you can at least expect to have consultation in shape of preoperative evaluation as well. At the same time you can hope to get access to pristine level of operation procedures.

Stylish Invicta Pro diver series wrist watches

Superb wrist watch from Invicta, this series is known as pro series. Invicta Pro diver series is very advance equipped with all latest features. This classic watch looks are really trendy and stylish, have stain steel strap. It have caliber NH35A and components are from Japan.

Features are really striking and upgraded like dial case is have 40mm, crystal are made of minerals and high quality case. Band is fully constructed with stain less steels and body is completely made of pure steel. Buckle is genuinely made for divers with tech to sustain high pressures at deep sea level.

Invicta Pro diver series are completely classic and sporty watch for guidance at any sort of horizon. Clasps are constructed with fold over system and full safety is ensured. Watch supports water resistant facilities up to 200 meter below sea level. Currently this watch is released internationally.

This watch have parts from Japan which are very high quality parts. Such parts from Japan are highly durable. All latest facilities are offered in this watch from Invicta like it has fold over clasping system for ensuring completely safety.

Such watches are really ideal for divers who explore new horizons of sea daily; this watch is capable of resisting water till 200 meter. Invicta Pro diver series have genuine quality for divers; they have parts all from Japan. Buckle is completely diver type and length is about 215mm and body is made by genuine steel. Caliber is of type NH35A which helps in complete guidance.

Seize the best features of Seiko solar series

Seiko is one of the popular brands of watches which became famous in the 1970’s. The technologies which are being used by this brand are very different and make it very popular. It revolutionized the watch industry by replacing the traditional mechanical driven watches with the battery driven watches. Nowadays the brand is popular for sport watches.

Different mechanisms of technologies in Seiko watches

There are mainly three technologies used in Seiko watches. Firstly, it is kinetic watch. With this technology you need not require any battery or any other form to drive the watch, simple movement of the watch will make it drive. Secondly, it is solar driven. With this technology the watch is driven with the help of light energy. Energy makes it work in the form of solar. Thirdly, it is automatic watches. This model runs on the mechanism of winding of spring. By the side of the watch you will find a knob, which you need to wind once in 24 hours. This winding runs the watch.

Top models of solar series

There are many popular models of solar, but some of the common ones are listed below:

This solar series is of stainless steel and is of black color. There are 3 dials available, one is of second, is of minute and other is of 12 hour alarm.

  • Seiko SNE 039

This series of solar is black in color and is of pure stainless steel. The dial type is analog type. The display type is stick type consisting of minute hand, hour hand and second hand.

Top 3 watches of the seiko brand

This article is about the top 3 watches of Seiko.

On the first place there is the:

Seiko SKX007 Automatic Diver’s watch


This watch is a real masterpiece made especially for men divers. It requires no buttery, and can withstand 660 feet underwater. This what makes it the best divers watch.

The second:

The seiko orange monster


A real monster of a watch. A little strong color for most people. But the people who love it, must buy it. Full review of this monster here

The third:

Seiko Men’s SNE109


This is a solar dive watch. look it up on google.

Soon I will update more information about them